McCLAIN COUNTY, Oklahoma - An 18-year-old man is sitting in the McClain County jail after investigators say he tried to hire someone to kill his ex-girlfriend and her male friend.

An inmate at the McClain County jail contacted the sheriff's office after he said Cody James Sweetman, another inmate at the jail, offered him $1,000 to kill his ex-girlfriend's male friend. The inmate said he couldn't do it but knew someone in Oklahoma City who might be interested. The inmate then told deputies about Sweetman's offer.

The McClain County Sheriff's Office contacted OSBI. The inmate and an undercover agent called Sweetman on June 1 to ask if he still "wanted his problem resolved." Sweetman said he did, and he and the undercover agent agreed to meet on June 4 at Sooner Mall in Norman to further discuss the deal.

Once at the mall, Sweetman agreed to pay $500 up front and another $500 when the job was finished. He then asked if the "hitman" could also kill his ex-girlfriend. According to investigators, Sweetman wanted both victims to be shot in the head, but he wanted his ex-girlfriend to be shot in front of her male friend so the man could feel some of Sweetman's emotional pain.

When the "hitman" said the price would increase to $1,500, investigators said Sweetman agreed and gave the undercover agent $230 in cash. He also wrote a receipt on a napkin and told the agent where to find the victims. The agent said the murders would happen the next day and he would bring Sweetman proof after the victims were dead.

On Wednesday, June 6, Sweetman went to Love's convenience store on Interstate 35 in Norman to complete the transaction. But instead of meeting his "hitman," he was greeted by OSBI agents who placed him under arrest.

Sweetman was booked into the McClain County jail and charged with two counts of solicitation of murder.