OKLAHOMA CITY - Receiving death threats from angry fans of the old Seattle Supersonics left the owners of War Paint Clothing Company a little leery to reveal their face, but they did show us the design creating a lot of debate.

In the virtual world, War Paint Clothing Company gets some real threats.

"Just tons of hate tweets and hate emails and on Facebook," one owner said.

The War Paint owners designed this Oklahoma City Thunder shirt nearly two years ago but its only just now attracting negative attention from angry Seattle basketball fans.

Remember, the Sonics were sold and then moved to Oklahoma City in 2008.

" I don't think we really knew how upset the Sonics fans were I mean we knew they were kind of crass about it but we figure it's been four years," one owner complained.

On the front of the shirt, a blue logo reminiscent of the old Sonics insignia replaces the Seattle skyline with Oklahoma City. The back say," Thank you Seattle."

Seattle fans responded by bashing the clothing company saying the shirt is a slam against Seattle but the designers say the gratitude is genuine.

"We are just saying thank you for a great team, we love it and without it, who knows where OKC would be right now. So it's like thank you so much for that team," one owner said.

The Company apologized to Seattle fans on its Twitter and Facebook pages, hoping explain the situation.

"We simply tweeted back that we don't mean any disrespect we never meant that."

Still, the threats on twitter are creating a spike in shirt sales. Now the designers say they have another thing to be grateful for.

"Genuinely, thank you Seattle, We love our team," one designer said.

The owners say they initially took the shirt off the company website out of respect but say they were bashed for that so now they are back on sale.