Gan Matthews, News 9

LITTLE AXE, Oklahoma -- Seven months after a tornado smashed through eastern Cleveland County and destroyed the Country Boy Grocery Store on Highway 9, the business is open again.

Several loyal customers began lining up early Thursday morning for the reopening. One customer said she had been waiting 215 days for the store to be rebuilt. Some said the shutdown of Country Boy had been a hardship because they had to travel several miles away for groceries.

Once inside, customers found a new and larger Country Boy. The store has doubled in size; from 17,500 square feet to almost 38,000. Instead of five check-out stands, there are now eight.

"I'm glad we're open and the store is back, and we're serving our community again," employee Sherri Fields said.

When customers exited the store, they saw a large mural. It depicted what the store looked like May 10 after the tornado hit.

"I think it's important to realize where we were at one time," said co-owner Danny Boyle. "And now you can see where we've come."