By Jon Jordan, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- While many people waited in line to get their hands on Thunder playoff tickets Friday, some parents in Moore were waiting in line so they can get their children enrolled in all-day Kindergarten.

For parents at Broadmoore Elementary, there is one all-day kindergarten class for just 20 students, and those 20 families are camped out at the school for the rest of weekend.

Most of the families said they don't want to have to camp out, but many of them said they live in households where both parents work, so all-day kindergarten is more of a necessity than anything.

Some parents said this camp out wasn't their first go round with having to deal with this issue, and they said the Moore Public School District needs come up with some other way of enrolling children in all-day kindergarten.

"There has got to be a better system I'm not sure what it is but hopefully one day they will have all-day kindergarten everywhere for all the classes," said Rebekah Lassley,  who is waiting to enroll her daughter.

And what's happening at Broadmoore is also happening at other Moore elementary schools.

One parent waiting to enroll her child said all-day kindergarten will save her family over $5,000 this year.

Parents will have to brave the elements until Monday morning when school opens to be able to enroll their children.