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Do you know an inspiring couple? We are looking for stories from couples who have an incredible story of love and commitment.

News 9 and Forever. For Real. have teamed up to find the most inspiring couples!

Congratulations to the winning couple, Meghan and Wayne Dickinson!

Meghan & Wayne Dickinson

Meghan and Wayne love God, each other, and their five children. The couple already had two biological children, Taylor and Tanner, when they felt called to adopt a special-needs child. They did some research and ultimately were introduced to a photo of Marcus online, a sweet boy from the Ukraine who had been born with autism, Down syndrome and epilepsy. When Wayne saw a photo of Marcus for the first time, he said, “He looks like a Dickinson,” and a short time later, that became a reality. Meghan and Wayne, along with their biological children Taylor and Tanner, all traveled to the Ukraine for five weeks to finalize the adoption process and bring Marcus home. While overseas, they also met Macey, another orphan with Down syndrome, and ended up adopting both children on the same trip. A few years later, they were able to fundraise and return to the Ukraine to adopt Mia and complete their family. Having five children, including three with special needs, keeps the couple busy, but they support and rely on each other and say they wouldn’t change a thing. Meghan and Wayne are very active in the Down Syndrome Association of Central Oklahoma and also provide support to other adoptive families. They are an inspiration to those around them and anyone who hears their story.

Marriage advice: “We can’t both have a bad day at the same time. I’ll ask him, is it your bad day today, or mine? When one of us is having a tough day, the other had to be strong.”


Jim & Nancy Jones

My parents, Jim and Nancy Jones, inspire me because of the amazing example they have been to me and everyone else who knows them — that love and marriage can be a wonderful life experience through the terrible times and the wonderful times. This year they will celebrate 51 years of marriage. They have never separated or talked about divorce and they created a stable, Godly home where they showed us true love all of our lives through the relationship they have with each other. My parents have seen good times and bad times both. In the early 80s, they lost all they had when they couldn’t afford to irrigate their farm in Texas. We moved to start over and a year later, in 1984, my 19 year old brother, their only son, was killed in a farming accident. My parents lost another farm in 1985 and again, with nothing to their name, moved back to Ohio. Through all of the pain and disappointment, my parents stayed together and did all they could to continue to stay together, make it work and provide for their three daughters. My dad went back to school, started his own business and over the next few years, God blessed them tremendously. With my mom’s help, he became a successful businessman and they climbed back up to the “top of the mountain” together! They showed us that even when it feels like life is winning, not to ever give up and with hard work, faith and commitment, there is always a way to make it work...together!

Marriage advice: Hard times come and go, but you have to trust your relationship and partner through it all. Create a mindset that divorce is not an option.


Paul & Connie Brown

Paul and Connie Brown happen to be my parents. I feel that they are the most inspiring couple I know, not only because they are my parents, but because of the way they live their marriage vows…every day. For better or worse, in sickness and in health, for 52 years. You see, both of my parents are fighting breast cancer…together. For the last 12 years my father has been in the fight for his life. He was diagnosed 12 years ago and endured months of chemo therapy and radiation after a radical mastectomy. My mother never left his side for a moment. He has many inoperable spots remaining, so he will be on chemo for the rest of his life. Then in 2010, my mother received the call (on their 49th wedding anniversary) that she had a very aggressive form of breast cancer. Now they are both in the battle for life together. My mother became very ill through her chemo treatments, and then it was my dad’s turn to stay by her side. She had a double mastectomy in the summer of 2010. Now in 2012, you will find a couple working with the Komen Committee to educate and inform both men and women about living with breast cancer. My father is a comforting voice to men who are scared, embarrassed and confused about a breast cancer diagnosis. My mother is proof that women are strong and beautiful even when faced with this dreaded disease. My parents are now speaking to high schools and groups around the area about breast cancer awareness and early detection. If you want to see the proof for yourself that they are the most amazing, inspiring couple, participate in the Komen Race For The Cure. Look for the couple holding hands, wearing the pink survivor shirts. You will witness for yourself the kind of love and commitment that some people only dream about.

Marriage advice: The initial phase of love doesn’t last forever. You need to work at it, and it will be worth it. Get to know each other and your families, and respect and love the whole family.


Margin & Joyce Glover

Marvin and Joyce Glover, my grandparents, have been married for 60 years. Due to a divorce between my mother and father, I was separated from my grandparents from the age of 3 until I was 15. When I was finally able to see them again, my grandparents walked out of the house, hugged me, and said, “The grandbaby that I have lost for so long is now back.” With tears in her eyes, Joyce handed me a box containing 12 Christmas and birthday gifts that they had bought for me each year, not knowing if they would ever be able to give them to me or not.

That was my first time meeting them after the separation. Knowing these people as I have come to know them now has made me a better person. They have shown me what family is, and what love was meant to be. Every year for the past 60 years on their wedding anniversary, my grandfather picks a plum tree blossom and gives it to her. They have special nicknames for each other too. I have never heard them cuss at all, so one day I was very surprised to hear my grandmother yell out, “Come here you lil’ SOB!” I asked her what she meant, and she said, “You don’t understand – we are each other’s SOBs – I’m his Sassy Ole Broad and he’s my Silly Old Bear.”

Two years ago, my grandfather had a massive stroke. Before his stroke, he always took care of my grandmother, fixing the house, etc. Now he is paralyzed on his right side, so my grandmother is the one to help him. I’ve asked my grandmother about how hard the transition has been, and she says she is so happy she still has him now in some way, and that if she hears something at night, she still feels safe because he is right beside her. If you ever go into their room when they are lying down in bed asleep, they still hold each other. Can you picture holding someone every night for 60 years? I end it with saying I could only get so lucky to find my own SOB.

Marriage advice: You have to be able to talk to each other; say, “I’m sorry,” have fun and laugh at your mistakes.


Gary & Cheryl Wright

My fiancé and I are lucky to have one of the most inspirational couples in Oklahoma to look up to: his grandparents, Gary and Cheryl Wright. Within minutes of being in the room with these two, you can feel the unique and genuine love that they share for each other. It is truly inspiring seeing this happy couple of 55 years and hearing all that they have accomplished over the years and all the love that they carry so deeply. Not only do they share love for each other, but for just about every person that they meet. They have the biggest hearts in the world, and you cannot meet them without being touched by their generosity and happiness. Each time I leave their house, I fall in love with love itself and it just becomes contagious. They really have had such a positive influence in my relationship with my fiancé and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. They have a couple motto which is, “Each for the Other and Both for God”.

They are now retired and they still love to be romantic and have fun. They say, “We are still young at heart.” They have traveled the world together, visiting over 100 places, and recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on August 3, 2012. Every single member of the family was there and we all enjoyed a fun-filled weekend. Gary surprised Cheryl and hired a minister to come and renew their vows in front of the whole family. Gary and Cheryl both say it was the best weekend of their life. “Five years of dating and 50 years of marriage – actually we grew up together. Gary is the love of my life and I know he would say the same about me.”

Marriage advice: Sharing similar interests helps keep your connection strong. Make sure to have play/date time in your relationship to keep the fun and friendship alive. Also, don’t think you can change the other person – just enjoy their company.


Robert & Kennell Lee

Nomination: Robert and Kennell are a great example of true love. They met when Kennell was in the middle of battling cancer, so Robert saw her at her worst early into their relationship. Though Kennell has been plagued with many health issues (cancer, lupus, radiation and chemo just to name a few) she manages to continue to always smile and work and care for her family. The love and commitment this couple has stood the test of time. They dated for eight years, and married on October 6, 2012. But even before their actual wedding date, they were united as one. They both have battled ups and down in their lives, but they always keep their trust and faith in God. When a couple says their wedding vows of “for better or worse,” they have some idea of what the worst will be, but when Robert and Kennell said those vows they had already been through some of the worst. If this couple can survive cancer before marriage, I know they can survive anything else after. They complete each other and give other hope for a wonderful marriage and friendship to last a lifetime.

Marriage advice: Make sure you spend and cherish quality time together. Don’t talk poorly about your partner to anyone else.


Aaron & Justeen Cosar

Justeen and Aaron know the difficulties of keeping a marriage strong through separation. When a friend introduced them, Aaron was serving a life sentence in prison. After dating for three and a half years, he proposed when Justeen was visiting by placing the engagement ring in an egg roll while they shared a dinner of Chinese food. In 2001, they were married and continued their relationship long-distance for nine years before Aaron was finally released in 2010. But Aaron made good use of his time while incarcerated, by becoming the first inmate to be trained in PREP, a healthy relationship curriculum that teaches couples skills to improve communication, solve problems, and discuss relationship expectations. Aaron used his training not only in his new marriage with Justeen, but also to teach and encourage other inmates to have healthy family and romantic relationships.

Justeen says that picking Aaron up when he was finally released was the best day of her life. They now stay busy with their blended family of five children and eight grandkids. They are both also volunteers for the Department of Corrections and Justeen was also trained in the PREP curriculum, so they now co-teach relationship workshops and pass on their hard-earned knowledge to other couples. They continue to inspire other couples with their story and actions.

Marriage advice: “When you work so hard for something, like we did for our relationship, you want to really appreciate and cherish what you have. It’s important to always keep that mindset and make sure your partner knows that you value them every day.”


Sylvester"Buddy" & Alice Smith

Nomination: Sylvester “Buddy” and Alice Smith have been married for 61 years. They were the children of sharecroppers and grew up as best friends. As Sylvester would tell you, when he was a teenager he went to California for the summer, and when he came back, “Alice was no longer my best friend; something in her changed. She became beautiful. The girl who I would wear mis-matched socks in front of, no longer could see me unless I matched and smelled good.” After 61 years of marriage, 10 children, 24 grandchildren and 27 great grand children, this couple still finds time to help family, neighbors and their community in love. They have lived in the Tulsa community for over 57 years. Each year on their anniversary, their pastor requests that they give advice to the young couples who are staring out in marriage and their response is always the same, “Marriage is give and take, and sometimes you take more than you give; but in the end the love and respect keep you working together. You might not always agree, but that is life.” This couple is the epitome of love, honor and respect.

Marriage advice: When you get married, you are one person. You make decisions and live your life as one unit. It’s not always a bed of roses – there are definitely challenges – but you can do it if you want to.


Harry & Joyce Sneed

My grandparents met in California while my grandmother was working in a peach factory plant, which is how Joyce got her nickname of “Peaches” that people call her to this day. They were married on Easter Sunday, March 28, 1948. Harry says when he first met Joyce, he thought that God sent him an angel. As he got to know her better, he realized she wasn’t an angel, but she sure is a sweet lady They have endured so much from making ends meet on a dollar a week, to my grandfather moving my grandmother to a small Oklahoma town where she had no family or friends, to them creating a life and family of their own. They’ve even experienced losing everything they own in a house fire in 2008. My grandfather did construction, and now my father owns the company and it’s still booking to this day! After 64 years of marriage, you can still see the love they have for each other. My grandmother was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and it breaks my grandfather to see her go through it and to accept the downfalls that come with this horrible disease, but they somehow manage to act like teenagers who have just met! My grandfather is 87 and works on the 160 acre farm ever day, working like he is in his 20s still and can probably outwork some young men to this day! Joyce gets up and makes him breakfast every day as well, cooking eggs and filet mignon to get him started for the work day. They have been a wonderful inspiration to their 3 children, 7 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren.

Marriage advice: Take a time out when things get heated so you don’t say something you will regret. There also needs to be give and take on both sides.


Megan & Shawn Medlock

Nomination: Megan and Shawn got engaged last March. On May 17th, 2012, one month and four days after their engagement, Shawn was in a bicycle accident that left him paralyzed. The love they have for each other overcame all the obstacles and they were married on November 3rd. They are learning to live not only as newlyweds, but also with Shawn’s ability. He returned to work part-time and they both are an encouragement to family and friends. Shawn maintains the most amazingly positive attitude. There was never a question as to whether they would get married or not. The day after the accident, Megan said that she was not going anywhere, that she loved him and they would be together forever. Megan and Shawn have a calm about them when they are together. They are truly an inspiration.

Marriage advice: To make a marriage successful, you have to do everything you can for each other and make sacrifices. You can do some amazing, powerful things together, but you can’t be selfish. You have to put everything you have into the relationship.

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