OKLAHOMA CITY - Thousands of dollars in merchandise has been reported stolen following multiple car break-in's at Will Rogers Park.

Victims said thieves broke into the vehicles around 2:30 on November 2nd.

Carissa Bias, a local photographer, said her window was smashed.

She made this flyer to show what was stolen.

Bias said she was with a client, out in the park, but when they walked back they discovered the break-in.

“I go to my car, she goes to her car, and I see my car window broken in. I just freak out. I mean I lost it. You would have thought someone died because I knew what they took,” said Bias.

She said other photographers messaged her to say that they had been targeted too.

Bias adds that she took a $7,500 hit, but some of her clients suffered their own losses.

Her laptop and SD cards were swiped during the burglary.

She said they held photos of a wedding and birth photoshoots.

“I want my SD cards. I want my hard drives the most. Obviously, my laptop would be amazing too,” said Bias.

One of the photoshoots was for her own sister, who gave birth just over two weeks ago. Bias said that moment was especially important to capture. Her sister explains why.

“My husband is currently in the military and he is away at training, stateside,” said Kylee. “He just cried cause he missed it.  So, it was like a big deal, a big deal to him, first daughter. Having to tell him. He doesn't get to see that footage.”

Fellow Oklahoma photographers have helped to share reward flyers.

They said they are focused on finding what was stolen from Bias and so many others.

“I have gone to pawn shops. I have said ‘These are my items. Can you call me asap?’ I have called people on craigslist that buy blacklisted items,” said Bias.

A gofundme account was created to help Carissa, but she's using that money for the reward offered in her flyers.