OKLAHOMA CITY - A debate on immigration has ignited across the country. Monday, dozens of people got together in the metro for the “Keep Families Together” rally.

The rally was help outside of Senator James Lankford’s office in hopes of rallying against the zero-tolerance immigration policy that separates children of illegal immigrants from their families.

The group said they're hoping to get lawmakers to take action.

Monday, Senator Lankford delivered a speech on the Senate floor to discuss the need for immigration reform and securing the border. Earlier this year, Sen. Lankford introduced a proposal called the “Secure and Succeed Act”, which contained a provision that would have enabled families detained at the border to remain together if a parent was prosecuted for illegally entering the country.

Monday evening, Sen. Lankford released the following statement:

“As a father I absolutely believe with every fiber of my being that children should be safe, kept with their own families in a loving, healthy environment.”