With the possibility of Lebron James declaring free agency in July, ESPN asked artists from around the nation to plead their case for James to join their city's team.

ESPN asked 30 artists with ties to each NBA city to imagine each team's pitch to Lebron in free agency with a billboard design. The move comes after several NBA teams have already designed billboard pitches to James in an effort to entice the King to their respective teams.  

Oklahoma Christian University Alumnus, Scott Hill designed the billboard for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

It's titled "Brodie and Bron." At the bottom or the billboard you may notice the words, "No Cupcakes" which is most likely a subtle jab at Kevin Durant.

Below are various billboard designs by other cities. 

"Lebron to Lakers" has been a rumor since, oh, approximately 2002, before he was even in the league." Art by Jack Perkins. 

"James could join 21-year-old Ben Simmons and 24-year-old Joel Embiid in Philly." Process that. Art by Matthew Shipley. 

"Perhaps Lebron and Houston can form a new superteam to best the Warriors. We hear Houston already has a thing for fitted suits." Art by Carra Sykes. 

"Why search for a new kingdom when you can already reign supreme at home?" Art by Oliver Barrett

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