OKLAHOMA CITY - Two pit bulls attacked three people Thursday morning in Oklahoma City. One of the dogs was shot by a police officer, but both the dogs and the three humans survived.

Kelly Babbit said it was like something out of a movie.

“It was like the terminator dragging himself to the pit. It was terrible,” Babbit said.

It started around 9:00 a.m. on Pumpkin Circle in Oklahoma City.

Police say Babbit’s neighbor saw two dogs going after her cat. When she went to help the cat, the pit bulls attacked.

Babbit said she saw what was happening and tried to help her neighbor.

“The dog looked at me, and the little one took a running leap and locked onto my face, and I went down. When I went down the big one came and locked onto my head,” Babbit said.

Babbit’s son ran out to help her, but the act of kindness backfired.

“I ran out so quick trying to help her, in just like underwear on trying to throw the dogs off. They wouldn't get off. It looked like they were going to kill her,” Babbit’s son, Nicholas Merrel said.

When police arrived, they shot one of the dogs, but it survived.

Both dogs were taken by animal control and an investigation began.

The first victim was taken to the hospital, but all three are expected to be fine.

As her wounds heal, Babbit, an owner of a pit bull herself, has a message for the person responsible for the dogs that left bloody and cut.

“You did bad. You did it really bad. You've got to take care of your animals and you know,  I'm filing a dangerous dog complaint. I'm suing them,” Babbit said.