GUTHRIE, Oklahoma - The Logan County Sheriff released body cam video Friday from one of his deputy’s during Thursday night’s high speed chase that ended with 31-year-old convicted felon Stephen Sloniker’s death. 

The chase started in Southwest Oklahoma City, and ended 25 miles later when the Black Ford truck Sloniker was driving crossed railroad tracks a mile North of Stables Café in Guthrie.

The truck went airborne, and landed upside down in rain-swollen Cottonwood Creek.  

Stables Café employee Wyatt Sarasua was one of several people in the restaurant who saw the chase shortly before it ended.

“I saw a man in a jacked up truck just run right past us,” Sarasua said.

 Oklahoma Highway Patrol divers found Sloniker’s body several hours later.  

Sloniker has several convictions in Oklahoma County for offenses ranging from stealing cars, to drug possession, and driving on a suspended license.