OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter is weighing in on the fight over teacher pay raises. 

In a 20 page brief Hunter's office wants a state question aimed at preventing teacher pay raises to be on the ballot. The attorney general's office was asked to file the documents by the State Supreme Court.  

They surround a pair of challenges to that state question. Those challenges say a state question repealing taxes that would fund teacher pay raises are illegal. 

The group behind the petition said there's close to $660 million dollars in waste or fraud in the government. 

In the brief the A.G.'s office doesn't say whether repealing teacher pay raises is a good idea, rather that the Court shouldn't stop a petition on its way to the voters saying in part, "This court should continue to be zealous to preserve to the fullest tenable measure the citizens' ability to petition their government for a referendum."

The State Supreme Court will hear arguments on the challenges to the teacher pay petition June 11.