OKLAHOMA CITY - Following the chaos of yesterday’s active shooter event in Oklahoma City, News 9 tracked Police scanner recordings.

Minute by minute, we transcribed the audio to get a better idea of how quickly the scene was contained, and the heroics involved.

6:30 PM

"Multi-company dispatch, engine 17 respond on a shooting, Lake Hefner Parkway and West Britton Road. Lake Hefner Parkway and West Britton Road."

Three minuets later, EMSA gets it's first recorded "active shooter" call.

6:33 PM

“All officers be advised. Active shooter happening at Louie's 9401 W. Lake Hefner Drive. At this point, two people have been shot. There's a male in the perking lot shooting a gun."

Within moments, police hear Alex Tilghman had been "taken down"

In the end, Tilghman fired rounds hitting Natalie Giles, her daughter Syniah Giles, and another victim Alex Speegle.


“264 PD says you can enter there are multiple patients down inside and outside the restaurant. I have one unit heading towards you as well, and they'll send another just in case."

Police call for all available units to secure a perimeter. Hundreds of people, locked down at various restaurants at the East Warf.

Many of those people were potential witnesses.

That's when J.C. Nazario and Bryan Whittle come in.

“It was a citizen who fires shots at the suspect"

Nazario and Whittle are touted as hero’s after firing shots back at Tilghman, killing him and preventing further violence.

By 6:42, roads were shut down, and less than 10 minutes later…

“Victor 22 all units on the scene, the situation is resolved, you can turn off your body cameras."

We do know Tilghman had a disturbing YouTube channel.”

It is still unknown why 28-year old Alex Tilghman opened fire at the restaurant at this location.