OKLAHOMA CITY - A metro woman dies after allegedly jumping from a moving car over the weekend, near Southwest 74th and Rockwell Avenue.

Police are investigating the suspicious death but have not made any arrests. Homicide detectives are waiting for the medical examiner's report to determine the cause of death.

The family believes their loved one, Angel Clark-Epp, 40, was beaten to death and did not jump from the car.

“I definitely wasn’t expecting it,” said Brock Epp, victim’s brother.

The shocking news of Clark-Epp’s deadly injuries came over the weekend. She died in the hospital the day after she allegedly jumped from a moving car.

“She put everybody before herself,” said Epp. “She was just real loving and caring.”

He speaks for the family when he said the details of Epps final moments do not add up.

“I believe there is foul play,” said Epp. “I believe her boyfriend beat her and dumped her.”  

Police said Clark-Epp and her boyfriend left a bar near Interstate 40 and Council Road early Saturday morning. The couple was arguing when the boyfriend told police Clark-Epp threatened to jump out of the car window.

They were driving near Southwest 74th and Rockwell Avenue, when police said Clark-Epp jumped from the car.

“I do not feel the story that was told by him is the truthful story,” said Epp.

The boyfriend told police he and Clark-Epp were drinking at the bar and smoking meth earlier in the day.

The woman's family said she was trying to distance herself from that lifestyle.

“I felt like she was really making that turn,” said Epp. “Unfortunately, it ended this way.”

The victim’s family is asking detectives to continue looking at the circumstances of her death.

“I want them to look deeper into the case,” said Epp. “I will have justice for my sister one way or the other.”

Clark-Epp attended Life Church in Mustang. That is where the family will hold her funeral services at 2 p.m. on May 24.