OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City Police say they're taking action against a man who's been stealing campaign signs in the metro. The man not only admits to the vandalism, but he has also posted video of himself on social media.

Rick Reichert said he thought he was helping the environment and didn't think he was doing anything illegal. Video Reichert posted of himself, shows him taking campaign signs, he said, he thought were placed illegally.

Reichert took a News 9 crew to a wooded area on the city's northwest side littered with the signs.

"I make it a point to call each one of these people and ask them to pick up their trash. And this is usually the response I get,” said Reichert, pointing to the mess.

Reichert said he believed he could take down the signs, because he thought they were put on city right of ways illegally.

"I just thought I was helping everybody else. Helping the taxpayers out. I mean why are we paying somebody to go around pick these up when they shouldn't be put down in the first place,” he said.

But police say taking or damaging the signs is illegal; they're private property. 

"Yeah I guess they are. But, uh, I mean is this OK?” Reichert said, pointing to the trash.

But now that he knows it is illegal, Reichert says he’ll stop.

“I have stopped. Yes sir,” he said.

“I will stop. You know I will leave it up to the people,” said Reichert. “If they don't pull their signs to me they don't care.”