An Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper is on the mend after his vehicle was hit by a semi and the trooper says the driver never even stopped. 

Capt. Paul Timmons was pretty banged up, having to take off for more than a week after suffering a concussion. He said it just goes to show you this sort of thing can happen to anyone no matter how safe the driver. 

While the damage could've been far worse, the impact of the accident was enough to render Timmon's SUV inoperable.

Timmons was on his way to training in Durant when a rainy day got a whole lot worse. While on Interstate 35, he said a semi driver suddenly changed lanes, pushing his SUV onto the wall of a bridge.

With no where to go, Timmons said he just focused on not going over the bridge, and then in an instant, it was all over. He said while battered and bruised, he was just focused on not getting hit by other traffic. 

Timmons didn't go to the hospital immediately. After suffering vision loss, he was diagnosed with a minor concussion.

As for the driver of that semi, he was never identified.