NORMAN, Oklahoma - From Norman to Seminole, sirens warned as residents prepared for storms Wednesday and Thursday.

According to the city’s fire department, a small tornado hit Norman Thursday evening, but didn’t leave much evidence behind.

Norman Fire Chief Travis King was more concerned with what residents heard during the storm than what they saw. 

For the first time, a brand new tornado siren system sent out autofire signals through Norman.

Sirens went off at the appropriate times, but sounded different than they have in years past.

“It kind of had a high-low tone to it instead of an even keeled tone that our residents ares used to,” King said.

Travis said the tornado hit Griffin Park and moved north with minimal damage to some homes and trees.

Thursday morning in Seminole, a similar storm left behind more tangible evidence.

A roof was partially ripped off a garage, and the Family Dollar Store’s air conditioning unit fell off the building.

“It was quick and caught us off guard,” Seminole Emergency Manager Ernie Willis said.

For Seminole, flooding was more a problem than the wind.

Streets were blocked off and water rescue was called for a man who ended up stuck on top of his flooded car. 

No injuries were reported from the storms, but the high water left behind was a gentle reminder that spring storms have finally arrived in Oklahoma.