OKLAHOMA CITY - A bill originally meant to protect kids from abuse and neglect was gutted and changed to target teachers in the final days of session, but early Thursday morning was changed back to its original language after backlash from teachers.

Earlier in the week, SB1150 bill would have eliminated payroll deductions for public employee groups or unions membership dues and require each school district to hold elections every five years to determine if an organization will keep bargaining rights.

According to the Oklahoma Education Association, low voter turnout would all but ensure the loss of bargaining ability.

OEA officials said the bill is a direct response to the teacher walkout from angry lawmakers.

“When teachers stood up and had a voice and forced their hand to fund education. This is literally a retaliation bill against teachers and a teacher's voice,” OEA Vice President Katherine Bishop said.

The amended bill passed the senate Wednesday afternoon and was set to go back to the House for a vote before heading to the governor’s desk. Lawmakers were hoping to end their session by Friday.

As of Thursday morning, SB1150 was not on the House agenda.