OKLAHOMA CITY - If the Thunder had its way the “Big 3” would be downsized to the “Big 2”, with Melo gone and Paul George staying.

PG himself has said he'd like to return. ESPN's Royce Young said there's a 75 percent chance he's back, but his colleague Ryen Russillo had some very different information on his podcast.

"Today is the first time, the first time I've heard from anyone I trust that George is gone, and I'm like, where's he going, where's he going, and it's like, no, all we know is that he's gone. And I know what Royce Young said and I saw that coverage of it and Royce is fantastic and he would know better than I because he's there. But Paul George also is somebody, he knows what to say, but I wouldn't trust anything he says,” said Russillo.