UPDATE: An Edmond woman's lost ring has been found and returned to her. 

ORIGINAL: An Edmond woman is pleading for the public’s help in finding her lost wedding ring. 

Emily Little says she was pushing her 9-month-old daughter Lexi in a stroller towards The Festival of The Arts in downtown Oklahoma City Sunday just after 1 p.m.

Little says she laid her wedding ring on the stroller while she applied sunscreen on her daughter.  They were on the westbound sidewalk on Dean McGee Avenue, between Robinson and Harvey.

Little says she left her wedding ring on the stroller and didn’t figure it out until 20 minutes or so later. 

She says her husband J.R. put a lot of thought into that ring when he gave it to her before they got married three years ago.

“It’s more than money, it’s the sentimental value that we want in our family to pass on to our daughter and keep it close to our hearts,” Little said.

Little is offering a several hundred-dollar reward.  If someone has it, they can contact News 9’s Steve Shaw, he’ll get in touch with Emily Little.