A metro area woman is worried sick, after two of her horses were stolen.

“I was devastated. I was crying,” Carmeron Viewins says, describing the moment she realized the horse were gone.

After wiping her tears, Viewins made it her mission to find the thief and the mares.

“I'm not going to give up,” Viewins said.

Viewins keeps her horses in an enclosed area in Oklahoma City on Northeast 50th Street.

The fence around her field was found cut early Friday.

Whoever took them left the mares left the two colts and a lasso behind.

Only the female horses, Candy and Star were taken.

Candy is pregnant, and Viewins is worried sick.

“I was hurt. It's just like taking your family member,” Viewins said.

Oklahoma City Police are investigating, and Viewins is offering a $1000 reward if the horses and criminals are found. Both are adult horses.

Candy is Palomino Paint with gold and white coloring and one glass eye.

Star is red Sorrel, and is described as calm.

“They mean everything to me. They're my pleasure. They're my enjoyment,” Viewins said.

Meanwhile, the owner says she’s installing security cameras around the field, and she’s not reining in until the thief is behind bars and her mares are back behind the fence.

If you see the horses you can contact the Oklahoma City Police Department or find Viewin’s family on Facebook.