OKLAHOMA CITY - A possible kidnapping in Oklahoma City over the weekend remains a mystery. Police have few leads in the case and still need the public's help locating a victim.

Police have not received any missing persons reports that could be related to this case. The best information they have so far is a 911 call that was made immediately after the reported kidnapping.

Witness: “Someone at Jack Cornett Park just hollered extremely loud to call 911.”

The caller lives right next to the park located near Northwest 29th and Grove where a young male teen was reportedly kidnapped on Saturday night.

Officers searched the park that night for clues and went door-to-door throughout the neighborhood asking residents if they saw or heard anything.

“He just said they suspected somebody got kidnapped or something,” said Saundra Whittle, resident. “That was all I really heard.”

Another 911 caller claimed to have witnessed the kidnapping

911 Dispatcher: “This is 911, what happened?”

Witness: “So we were down the street and this car swerved into the park, and a guy jumped out and grabbed a kid and threw him in the car. The kid started yelling somebody help, help they’re taking me and call 911.”

The witness described the suspect vehicle as a dark-colored, four-door car with tinted windows. 

911 Dispatcher: “What direction did they leave?

Witness: “They went toward MacArthur.”  

The witnesses said it was too dark to get a good description of the possible victim or suspect.

Police are keeping the investigation open but for now it remains a mystery, until someone comes forward with information to help the case.

Police are also reviewing surveillance videos from homes near the park for clues. If you have any information call Crime Stoppers at 405-235-7300.