OKLAHOMA CITY - The race for the state attorney general seat is heating up with a state election board hearing scheduled for Monday.

This all ties in to Gentner Drummond questioning current AG Mike Hunter's eligibility for office.

Under the State Constitution, attorneys general need to have been a qualified elector at least 10 years prior to taking office.

This includes being a legal resident of the state they serve for at least that 10 year period.

According to Drummond's campaign, the time between 2003 and 2014, Hunter worked in Washington and could possibly make him ineligible for office.

To Hunter's defense, he said during the mentioned time period he had a home in Oklahoma that was his legal residence.

The election board has issued a subpoena for his tax records for that period. 

This is the first time Hunter will be running for the attorney general's office he now holds.

Hunter's campaign issued a statement Monday morning and said, "This is political theater. Attorney General Mike Hunter will be at the hearing Monday to testify against this frivolous suit. Attorney General Hunter was born here, has always voted in Oklahoma and has been a resident of this state for more than 60 years."