OKLAHOMA CITY - An Edmond man has been arrested by Enid Police for trying to have sex with a girl he thought was 14-years old. 

An undercover Enid Police Detective responded to a crude Craigslist add they say was posted by 23-year-old Jacob Packard last November.

Police say Packard agreed to meet the undercover detective at an Enid mall to have sex the weekend of December 2nd. 

According to authorities, even though Packard was a no-show, he’s still guilty of a crime.

“Just the act of communicating with a minor about sexual activity, that in itself is a felony,” said Enid Detective Shawn Abei. 

As of Thursday night, Packard—who lives in an apartment in Edmond, and works at a metro area mall, was still in the Garfield County Jail.