I talked Monday night about underestimating the passion and energy rolled up in this teacher walkout.

Here's what you had to say about it:

Lezlie from Yukon first, "It is real! I don't see how a teacher cannot be emotional when he/she walks up to the Capitol to find that they are NOT alone. Our tribe is bigger than any of us thought or dared to dream."

Corey writes, "I'm so proud to witness history in the making. These teachers are teaching our children that sometimes you have to stand up for what's right and not back down."

Suzy in Midwest City says, "You’re coming around and that is good. Now the legislature needs to follow."

From Kristi in Bethany, "Thank you Kelly! You have to experience it for yourself to get the full impact of what's happening!"

But Vicki in McLoud thinks I sold out, "Now they are on your side Kelly. Because you didn't have your own opinion. They jump down your throat if you have your own opinion."

From Pam in Bethany, “I appreciate you having a little more compassion for teachers. You sound so much kinder today."

And I find that interesting because all said was I was concerned about how a protracted strike would make teachers look after getting a big raise.

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's Your 2 Cents.