OKLAHOMA CITY - The Oklahoma Lottery wants to make it clear on just how much it provides to education.

When the lottery first came to Oklahoma 13 years ago, officials said lawmakers limited prize amounts and ticket sales suffered.

“Sales continued to drop,” said Oklahoma Lottery Marketing Director Jay Finks.

Finks said new legislation that went into effect last year has allowed the Oklahoma lottery to increase its prizes.

Last year, we did about $150 million in sales, and this year we will be over $200 million,” said Finks.

Finks told News 9, $63 million of that will go to education compared to $53 million last year.

The money is divided among higher education, common education and career technology.

The new law allows for extra money to go toward STEM programs.

Kindergarten through 12th grades got about $24 million last year, and the Oklahoma Lottery forecasts it will receive at $10 million more this year.

Lottery ticket sales are also expected to see a boost come October, when the new liquor laws go into effect, allowing liquor stores the ability to sell lottery tickets.

Right now, the Oklahoma Lottery is urging lawmakers to pass legislation which would allow people to buy lottery tickets with their debit cards.