OKLAHOMA CITY - Police are investigating the alleged sexual assault of a 4-year-old girl. Police were notified of the incident on March 31.

The victim’s father reported that the assault happened at Southlake Park near south Meridian and Charter Oak Road.

“When something like that happens,” said John Bodine, grandparent. “It raises your heights of attention, you know when you bring your kids out here.”

Bodine is keeping a watchful eye on his grandchildren after learning that the incident happened at their favorite park.

“Really sad,” said Bodine. “Especially with a really young kid.”

The father of the 4-year-old victim told police his daughter was approached by the suspect while she was on the playground.

“The 4-year-old told her dad that she was inside one of the slides,” said Officer Megan Morgan, Oklahoma City Police Department. “That’s when the suspect sexually assaulted her and then left the park.”

Southlake Park is often busy, and police are hoping a parent might have caught a glimpse or even a photo of the suspect if they were at the park on March 31, around noon. 

Police don’t have any leads in the case, but say the young victim was able to give a detailed description of the person she said touched her inappropriately. The young girl described him as a young man, possibly a teenager, wearing an orange shirt, black-rimmed glasses, dark flat hair and no facial hair.

“Also, if you were in the park,” said Officer Morgan. “And you think you remember seeing somebody that resembles someone like that, please just give us a call.”

The victim told police the suspect left the playground walking west toward the soccer fields.

Bodine said he will be on the lookout knowing the suspect could live in the area. He also plans to make sure all of the children at the park are safe.

“If I see kids by themselves,” said Bodine. “Nobody watching them, I’ll watch them.”

The number to leave police a tip is 405-235-7300.