OKLAHOMA CITY - The impending teacher walkout could put a kink in college graduation.

Faculty at a local university have been in a panic trying to figure out how to help their students fulfill needed requirements. 

Education majors across the country need X-amount of instruction time in the classroom in order to graduate. The looming walkout threatens to hold them back. 

It's a contentious time for education. Abigail Giddens is an elementary education major at Oklahoma Christian is on track to graduate this May, but because of the pending walkout wasn't sure it would happen. But despite her career on the line, she says she and her fellow students support the cause. 

"I was really empowered the very first time I heard about it, I think this has been a long time coming and there has been a lot of momentum that hasn't been obvious to the public eye," Giddens said.

Giddens is from Idabel, and she said pending graduation, despite lack of pay and support from the Legislature, she plans on staying rooted in Oklahoma.