GUTHRIE, Oklahoma - A metro woman was charged in Logan County District Court after reportedly leading police on a chase and hitting a patrol unit.

The incident took place February 14, beginning at a Guthrie Walmart.

Court records showed Brandy Seward, 32, said she had shoplifted a pregnancy test and phone charger at the store.

When she was confronted at the east doors, the affidavit said she dropped her bag and took off in a U-haul rental pickup.

Guthrie Police Sergeant Anthony Gibbs was not far behind.

According to the affidavit, Seward said it was her plan to try to make it Prairie Grove Road, but ducked into the Taco Bell parking, which was about a half of a mile from Walmart.

Sergeant Gibbs pulled behind her and just seconds after he got out, body camera showed Seward hit his police vehicle.

“There was a passenger that ended up saying that it was her intent to continue the pursuit after ramming the vehicle, however what had happened was a really coordinated response,” Sgt. Gibbs said. “Several units were in the area and as she rammed the truck and put it back in drive to take off going forward again, there was a vehicle that pulled in the entrance, another patrol unit. I think that, coupled with the statements to challenge her to stop, that probably jolted her into reality that, ‘Hey, I’m not going to be able to get away from this.’”

Police said the U-haul was not rented by Seward or her passenger. When investigators searched it, they found drugs, pipes, and several credit cards with different names on them.

Seward is out on bond and told News 9 by phone, she did not know the police unit was behind her. She also said she was not under the influence.

Seward faces a felony assault with a dangerous weapon charge, a misdemeanor charge for larceny, and another misdemeanor for attempting to elude.