OKLAHOMA CITY - Police responded to an officer involved shooting in SW Oklahoma City Sunday evening.

The chaos started around 6:30 p.m. near SW 33rd Street and S Klein Avenue

"Earlier this evening about 6:30, Oklahoma City received a call to domestic violence in the 1000 block of southwest 33rd," said Oklahoma City Police Department Captain Bo Mathews.  

When three OKC Police officers arrived at the scene, they located the suspect outside of his home.

The suspect had been shooting a gun, and began to shoot at the officers. Police said the officers began to shoot back. 

"One officer did get hit in his taser from the rounds from the suspect, but none of the officers are injured in this incident," said Captain Mathews. 

The suspect was injured in the crossfire.

Police said after being shot, the man took off and got all the way to the fire station on SW 29th Street.

The suspect has been taken to the hospital, where he is expected to survive. 

Police said the three officers involved were wearing body cameras at the time. The officers will be put on administrative leave until the investigation wraps up.