TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa police have a new warning about a panhandler who they say is conning people out of money.

Tulsans are giving Blaine Eberlin money and their compassion because he claims he is 17, his father died, and his mother kicked him out of the house.

"Obviously it makes TPD mad to see a 17-year-old treated that way so we started investigating to do something about it," said Officer Jeanne Mackenzie. 

They found out that Eberlin was lying.

“Come to find out he is 22-years-old and he is essentially a con artist," said Officer Mackenzie. 

There is a warrant out for his arrest, so News On 6 decided to try and find him. 

News On 6 didn't find Blaine but did find someone who knows him.

The woman who knows Blaine tried to defend him, relaying word for word the exact story he tells about being 17 and homeless.

News On 6 did speak with some neighbors near Admiral and 169 and they said they've seen Blaine. 

They said they do not give him any money, but they regularly see cars stopping to do so. 

“There is no way to prove a story is true or not.  It is whether or not you might be willing to put the effort into a story and a person that might be lying to you,” said Officer Mackenzie.