NORMAN, Oklahoma - Near 108th Avenue Southeast and Post Oak Road in Norman, Jacob Babcock and his younger sister, Ali, were involved in a horrible crash on the morning of February 3.

Ali's boyfriend, Alec Forsythe, and his father, Paul, arrived on scene before any first responders.

“I looked over and Jacob’s car was in the trees on fire,” Paul said. and he was unconscious.”

Ali was able to get out of the vehicle, but Jacob was stuck. So, Alec got in the vehicle and helped free him.

“The bottom dash piece that covers up most of the steering wheel parts popped off completely and wedge his feet up under,” Alec said. “So I had to pull that back and then pull him out.”

Paul and another Good Samaritan carried Jacob away from the SUV. The thick brush caused them to trip and drop him. But when they did, Paul said Jacob took a breath and his eyes opened briefly.

“I think that brought him back to life, actually,” he told News 9.

Police and fire soon arrived, and Jacob went to the hospital. His family said without Paul and Alec's heroic actions, he may not have made it as far as he has or may not have made it at all.

“If something like that happened to one of my boys,” Paul explained, “I hope somebody would be brave enough to step up and do what we were doing.”

Jacob's family said he is off the paralytics now. And doctors are weaning him off sedation to hopefully wake him up sometime soon.

But there are no guarantees. They said it could be days or could be weeks.