EDMOND, Oklahoma - A Logan County man is in the hospital after being shot by a deputy during an alleged suicide scare. The OSBI is now investigating the case.

It all started with a 911 call around 3:20 Sunday afternoon.

“We received a 911 call in reference to a suicidal subject that was in the house with a knife,” Major Greg Randolph with the Logan County Sheriff’s Department said.

When a Logan County deputy arrived at the neighborhood home near Simmons and Bryant, he found a man inside. The OSBI says he was holding a knife to his own throat. At the time, the man’s wife was also home.

According to the OSBI, the man was shot when it appeared he would hurt himself.

“Our deputies responded,” Major Randolph said, "made contact with the individual, tried to get him to drop the knife. The individual refused to drop the knife at which time one of our deputies fired on the individual."

The sheriff's department also claims the man made aggressive moves toward the deputy, and that's when he was shot in the hand and taken to the hospital.

He will undergo a mental health evaluation.

“That's priority number one once he's become stable is to check on the mental health situation," Major Randolph said.

In the meantime, the deputy is on paid administrative leave while the OSBI completes their investigation.

Randolph says it's unfortunate things escalated this far.

“The first thing we try to do,” Major Randolph said, "of course, is get the weapon away from the individual and try to talk to him and find out what the root of the problem is, and unfortunately, today we were unable to do that."