OKLAHOMA CITY - Kirkpatrick Foundation in Oklahoma City has created a manual to help veterinarians identify and report suspected animal cruelty. It’s the first of its kind in Oklahoma and the second in the United States.

“It’s not intended to be the judge or the jury,” said Louisa McCune, the executive director of Kirkpatrick Foundation. “It’s just intended to train veterinarians on how to look for those medical, forensic-type details that they would then share with law enforcement."

Dr. Lesa Staubus is a rescue veterinarian with American Humane.

“Just like small children and the elderly,” Dr. Staubus explained, "they can’t speak up. They can’t say what’s occurred. And just like a pediatrician is a protector of young children, veterinarians and veterinary technicians are on the forefront of protecting animals.”

The manuals will be distributed to all veterinarians and district attorneys in the state.