OKLAHOMA CITY - What started as a suspicious death investigation has now turned into a search for a fraud suspect. Oklahoma City Police say a woman was caught on camera using a credit card that belonged to 62-year old Terry Dunn Sr. at Classen Liquors.

The family of Dunn Sr. is begging anyone with information to come forward. 

“It was hard at first trying to deal with it,” says Terry Dunn Jr, "trying to deal with both. Trying to think he is dead now. Plus, trying to figure out where all his stuff is and what happened."

The kids say the last time they talked to their father was January 4. They became worried and tried to call him over and over, but it just went to voicemail. So then, they say they went to his home, but the truck was gone and no one would answer the door. They didn’t think he was home, or maybe had a wreck or accident.

Today, police confirm the truck was taken along with the stolen credit cards. The Oklahoma plate reads AEY095. It still hasn’t been found.

“We'd come over in the morning,” Dunn Jr. says, "come over in the night, come over in the morning, come over in the night. It was like three nights."

He says his sister went to the home again. That time she found lights on and the television blaring.

Dunn Jr. says they also checked bank statements and that’s when they found charges at Classen Liquor and Wal-Mart.

“We end up finding some charges that look suspicious on his bank account which gave him a negative balance,” he says.

They filed a missing person’s report and, on the January 12, the family got a key to get in the home. They say that’s when they found him. Police say Dunn Sr. was lying in a pile of clothing, but at this point, they are not investigating it as a homicide.

His children say they still don't know how Dunn Sr. died, but they’re asking for someone to come forward.

“It's called having a heart,” Dunn Jr. says, "having respect, just doing the right thing."

Anyone with information on the case is asked to call OCPD at 405-297-1200.