OKLAHOMA CITY - As the number of confirmed flu cases continues to rise, experts at OU Medical Center are working to better educate people about the virus.

Preliminary data suggests that this year's flu season has reached its peak and is starting to decline. However, experts said it's too soon to know for sure, and that's why precautionary measures are still so important. 

Here in Oklahoma, three people have died within the past two weeks.

This brings the total number of deaths since Sept. 1 to 45.

In all,1,429 people have been hospitalized with the virus. 

In Wednesday's discussion and Q&A, some of the states leading experts will cover how the flu spreads, how vaccinations work, flu strains and how they're diagnosed, as well as prevention and treatment.

The discussion will be at 2:30 p.m. at the Samis Family Education Center auditorium inside The Children's Hospital.