DEL CITY, Oklahoma - Detectives are working to solve a deadly stabbing case in Del City.

Neighbors say the victim and his wife were known to fight often. Stephen Painter said when he saw police lights Saturday evening, he figured it was a domestic dispute.

“I figured they'd had a fight,” Painter said. "My landlord and my neighbor over there said they'd been doing this for years."

However, Painter’s neighbor had been stabbed. Painter says the man lived in the house with his wife and a child.

Another neighbor says he tried to perform CPR on the victim, but the man died at the hospital later Saturday night.

Police confirm one person of interest is in custody for unrelated charges, but haven’t said who the person is.

As for Painter, he says he didn’t know his neighbor well but is still surprised to learn of his death.

“He was quiet,” Painter said. "He kept to himself."

Del City Police expect to release more information Monday.