ASHER, Oklahoma - A manhunt in Pottawatomie County has ended after Pott. County Sheriff Mike Booth confirms the arrest of suspect Johnny Brown.

Brown was caught during a pedestrian checkpoint in Asher.

The sheriff also confirmed the suspect had two guns on him at the time of the arrest.

It started as a desperate 911 call. An Asher family came home to find 44-year-old Johnny Brown stealing from their property. Other relatives, who live on the same street, rushed over to help.

"I looked up at the gate," said Adam Hudson, "and there was just a big cloud of dust and that's when he rammed the vehicles and he'd already shot at my dad here in the driveway."

The family chased Brown all the way up a dead-end road and when he was cornered, Hudson said, "(h)e leaned way back out of the window and took a shot right at me and it went right through the windshield and went right by my face."

Bob Mills Sky News 9 rolled on the scene from above as Brown took off on foot. He left behind his truck which was loaded down with televisions and weapons. Deputies were able to recover the stolen property Brown had in his vehicle.

After further investigation, deputies believe Brown is behind other burglaries in the area.

"We received information today that he may have stolen a four-wheeler and some other equipment in Pottawatomie County," says deputy Anthony Hopkins. "There's a couple of other burglaries reported last night that we believe he was involved in."

Investigators add Brown is also wanted in McClain County on similar complaints and there is no telling where he is or if he has had help going into hiding.

"If they encounter this guy, " Hudson says, "he will run you over. He will shoot at you so approach with caution and don't go after this guy without being armed."

We're told Johnny Brown is still armed and dangerous. If you see him out on the road, don't approach him yourself. Contact the Pottawatomie County Sheriff's Office.