EDMOND, Oklahoma - After getting a call about a vehicle spending too much time at an ATM Monday night, Edmond Police responded to the MidFirst Bank near 33rd and Broadway to investigate.

“There were three men in this vehicle,” said Jenny Wagnon with Edmond Police. "They were fidgeting, moving stuff around really quickly inside the vehicle."

Investigators said they noticed a small metal plate sticking out of the ATM's card slot, a skimmer. Bank security confirmed it did not belong. Officers removed Jesus Azuaje-Vaca, Ricardo Leandro-Lucena, and Edbel Beltran from the vehicle.

“Inside this vehicle were Venezuelan passports, other passport photos so that they could make different passports,” Wagnon explained.

Police said officers also found multiple credit cards in various names and receipts, magnetic strips, hand tools and a hotel key card. And when they searched the suspects' room at a Wyndham Hotel in Oklahoma City, they reportedly discovered another stash. ATM video devices used to capture PINs, card readers, and electronic items used to build card skimmers were in the room, according to investigators. Plus, police said the suspects had created a list of cities around the metro that they were planning to hit or already had.

“We know that these types of crimes are far-reaching and they involved a lot of people and they’re professionals at it,” Wagnon said.

As for the other places on the list, police said they have been contacting those banks to check for skimmers. All three suspects are being held in the Oklahoma County Jail without bond.