OKLAHOMA CITY - Victims of a brazen apartment burglar hope surveillance video and the suspect’s large neck tattoo lead to his swift arrest.

On September 14, a camera set up by tenant Sadie Geiger's fiancé in their second-floor apartment recorded a man breaking in, stealing televisions and other electronics.

“I’m extremely upset,” she said Thursday afternoon. "I feel violated."

However, Wednesday night, Sadie was contacted via Facebook by Makennah Herz. Herz had seen surveillance video Geiger posted of the burglary. Herz recognized the suspect because Herz says it was the same guy who burglarized her and her boyfriend’s apartment Monday afternoon in Norman. They are missing two televisions, other electronics, and cash. The burglar gained entry in their first-floor apartment by using a pry bar to open their front door.

“We want to find him,” she said.

What should make the suspect much easier to identify is a large tattoo on the left side of his neck. His face and that tattoo are very clear in both surveillance videos.

Police in Oklahoma City and Norman are investigating.