OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma lawmakers on Capitol Hill are reacting to President Trump's use of the MOAB against ISIS.

Both Congressmen Jim Inhofe and Steve Russell support the strike, saying, in part, it's a clear message to our enemies and allies. Although, a top official in Afghanistan tweeted the bomb was dropped in coordination with the Afghan government.

The target was an ISIS training camp and ammunition base.

Rep. Russell, who served in Afghanistan, said, "the M.O.A.B. could not have been used on a more deserving group of people."

Sen. Inhofe, a senior member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said, "I applaud President Trump's commitment to the fight against terror, giving his military commanders the authorities they need to defeat our enemies and sending a clear message to both our enemies and our allies."

Experts also believe this strike could be sending a message to the Syrian regime and North Korea.