Joe Mixon's punch was brutal, but it's been made even worse by hiding the video.   

Let's be straight, both of these college students look bad in this video. Amelia Molitor gets physical first – twice shoving then slapping Joe Mixon. Then, he breaks her face with a right hook. 

It's obvious why people around the university didn't want the video released. But trying to lock it away has made the entire situation worse for everyone involved.

To the rest of the nation, which hasn't heard as much about the punch over the last two years, the release of the video makes it seem like it just happened. They don't remember the punishment that he was given two years ago.

Nationally, people are going to wonder what Oklahoma is going to do to Mixon, but they can't do any more than they already have without looking horribly hypocritical. That's why the video should've been released two years ago as required by law, and Joe Mixon should've been sent packing.

Knowing David Boren, Joe Castiglione, and Bob Stoops like I do, I don't believe their decision to suspend Mixon for a season was about winning football games. OU has never had trouble finding great running back's. I think in the sincere interest of giving a very promising athlete a second chance, they misjudged the stain the video's inevitable release would leave on the football program and university.

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's My 2 Cents.