OKLAHOMA CITY - Nick Blake doesn’t have the words to describe how he feels. Wednesday, police said his brother, 35-year old Zachary Blake, got into an argument with his longtime girlfriend, 30-year-old Desirae Parnell, in the parking lot of a shopping center near S.W. 119th and Western Ave. Parnell walked away and police said Blake shot her then turned the gun on himself.

Nick said he never saw this coming. His brother, he said, just wasn’t that type of person.

"No. Everybody was blindsided by it.” Nick said, “His best friends. People he lived with. His closest friends. None of us saw this."

Nick said his brother was a good man. Funny. Outgoing. He said Zachary loved Desirae and he loved their two sons, ages five and seven years old.

"That's the hardest part for me. Knowing they won't have a mother. Or a father,” said Nick.

Nick said if he had the chance to talk to his brother just one more time, he’d tell him he loves him. But he wouldn’t ask him why he did this.

“He had his reasons I guess.” Nick said, “Some things you just don't want to know."

Nick said the two boys will be living with Parnell’s parents.