LOGAN COUNTY, Oklahoma - Four horses were seized in Logan County after a fifth was found barely clinging to life after what authorities are calling weeks of neglect. That horse, named Nigel, later died. 

"If something hadn't been done when the gray horse went down it would have been a matter of time before all of them eventually met that same fate,” said Natalee Cross of Blazes Tribute Equine Rescue.

The other horses were taken to Blazes where they’re being cared for. 

Mary Blevins owns the horses that were seized. She said Nigel was old and had cancer, and she didn’t have the resources to have him euthanized until the day after he was seized. 

"My husband had been hurt. And I’m going through back surgeries, we had a lot of family issues that were making it very difficult to come up with 600-dollars on the fly,” said Blevins

Blevins said she reached out to several agencies, including Blazes, but no one would help. Blazes acknowledged Blevins reached out to them. They don’t help with euthanizing horses, but they did give Blevins two other resources. Blevins said she just needed one more day. 

"It's especially hard when some event happens this way where someone twists the facts, makes a media circus of it,” said Blevins.

But Cross said Blevins had more than enough opportunity to end the horses suffering. 

"Bottom line, age, cancer, none of that is the problem. The problem is that we waited too long to do something.” Cross said, “He suffered. He suffered. Yes."