OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma County prosecutors filed charges against an OKC man accused of detonating a small explosive device in Northwest Oklahoma City.

Authorities said Vince Bishop caused the explosion in a dumpster at a convenience store at Northwest 16th and Portland, November 17.

Bishop is charged with two counts: (1) possessing an explosive device with the intent to intimidate and (2) possessing a lethal; substance with the intent to engage in terrorist activity.

He is being held without bond at the Oklahoma County Jail.

That's a relief for Munazar Iqbal, owner and operator of the Shell Station at 1616 N. Portland.

"Once I found it was him I couldn't believe it," Iqbal said Bishop has been a customer for years.

According to court records, Bishop caused the explosion to scare Iqbal and other employees at the store.

Investigators said Bishop pulled into the store in a red truck around 4 p.m. Thursday.

News 9 obtained video from the store's surveillance system. In an exclusive look at the video, cameras show him carrying something over to the dumpster.

Bishop can then be seen entering the store.

Iqbal said he purchased two beers and $7 worth of lottery tickets. He left and is last seen pulling into a parking lot across the street from the store.

The explosion sparked an evacuation of the area. Oklahoma City Police called in the bomb squad to investigate.

It was determined an altered firework sparked the explosion.

Court records detail Bishop's confession.

He allegedly placed the altered firework on the dumpster and detonated it with the intent to scare or "mess with " store employees.

"I've always been good to him," Iqbal explained," I don't know why would he do something like this,” he said.

Turns out, it was not the first time fireworks have been detonated at the store. Iqbal remembers a handful of incidents.

Bishop allegedly admitted to causing two of the other incidents. He's also accused of using his cell phone to take video of the explosion.