CUSHING, Oklahoma - Two earthquakes struck back-to-back Tuesday morning in Cushing. One was recorded as 3.3 magnitude. Another was reported as a 4.0-magnitude earthquake, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Many people in Cushing and Payne County have commented on their worries as each tremor strikes.

Jeremy Boak, Director of Oklahoma Geological Survey at the University of Oklahoma said aftershocks are expected and are likely not over yet.

This is after the 5.0-magnitude earthquake that happened on November 6. Several homes and buildings were damaged in Cushing.

Boak said the fact that two aftershocks were back to back isn’t surprising.

“There is an element of randomness to this process,” he said.

It’s possible that aftershocks can happen for a year.

Boak said they are collecting data and conducting research on these earthquakes in Oklahoma. He confirms the number of earthquakes are going down as barrels of wastewater injection are reduced by the millions.

“It has come down almost 50 percent from last year,” he commented on the quakes.

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission has ordered reduction of injection in the Arbuckle wells in those earthquake impacted areas.

At this time, the commissioners are holding off on interviews as they come up with a bigger plan for the City of Cushing. Cushing currently houses the largest oil storage facility in the world.

The Oklahoma Oil and Gas Association said reducing barrels of injection impacts the industry, however, they are respecting the OCC’s decision for the safety of the community.

“This mornings’ quakes although are a disappointment, they’re not that big of a surprise. A lot of the scientists have told us to expect more of that activity,” Oklahoma Oil and Gas Association President Chad Warmington said.

Warmington pointed to the data where the number of earthquakes is shrinking compared to last year.

Boak said wastewater injections have been going on for decades, but earthquakes did not start happening until recently. He said it’s about finding the right balance.