OKLAHOMA CITY - An elementary school is using a little mischief to raise money for their field trips.

Their teacher takes donations and then plants 12 to 24 pink flamingo lawn ornaments in a person’s yard.

The idea is that those who have been “flocked” will sign up another person to be the next target.

“The dogs were confused,” said Sherri Grubs after waking up to find the flamingos in her front yard.

Grubs is now paying for the flamingos to be planted in four other yards.

The idea came from Apple Creek Elementary School Teacher Ray Robinson. He’s the one who sets up the flamingos late at night.

Robinson charges $15 for 12 flamingos and $25 for 24 flamingos.

In the past three months, he’s raised nearly $1,600.

The money is being used to pay for “reward” field trips for his students.

On Friday, 50 sixth graders will be taking their first reward field trip to the Warren Theater in Moore to watch a movie.

“You get to rub it into your friend’s faces that didn’t get to make it,” joked 6th grader Trinity Dawson.

Robinson has been all over the metro to plant the flamingos, and has been as far away as Tuttle and El Reno.

“I don’t know how far or for how long this will go, but we’ll keep doing it,” said Robinson.

You can contact Ray Robinson at Apple Creek Elementary at 405-548-5347 if you are interested in “flocking” someone.