OKLAHOMA CITY - Forty students in a first grade classroom? A Facebook post from an area teacher claiming that's what she's dealing with caught our attention and that of the state superintendent.

The Capitol Hill teacher wasn’t complaining about her class size that has now grown to 40 first graders, but simply asking for help with supplies. However, it was the number of first graders in one classroom that raised concern on social media to the extent that state Superintendent Joy Hofmeister even commented:

"First grade? I'd like to know more about this situation. Oklahoma children deserve better."

News 9 asked the deputy superintendent to weigh in.

“I immediately think of those students and the attention they are getting that is immediately decreased,” said Robyn Miller. “But also I think of the teacher, that individual, who is attempting to provide instruction.”

But as News 9 continued to investigate, News 9 found the class size isn't the result of a statewide teacher shortage but more of a one classroom teacher shortage.

“We had a teacher that had to go out on medical leave and as a result of that a long-term sub was brought in, but it didn’t work out,” explained district spokesman Mark Myers.

That's when two other teachers volunteered to split the 26 students and bring them into their classrooms, which means there are two classes of 40.

“They didn’t want subs coming in all the time for these students. Different subs coming in. They just felt it would be better if they absorbed this class into their two classrooms,” said Myers.

Myers said another long-term sub has been located until the permanent teacher gets back from medical leave.