NORMAN, Oklahoma - A wave of threats and unrest in some of the nation's schools left some students concerned for their safety after the election.

Wednesday, at a middle school in Royal Oak, Michigan, students were captured on a cell phone chanting "build the wall" in the cafeteria.

It's not an isolated incident.

The disturbances have also occurred in Minneapolis, Harrisburg, PA and Plano, TX.

College students are experiencing similar environments.

Late Friday night, OU President David Boren says he has ordered an inquiry into the involvement of a student in racist social media messages aimed at black freshmen at The University of Pennsylvania.

After students at the University of Pennsylvania were added to a chain of racist messages without their knowledge Friday, the school tried to show their support for the students.

A number of students held signs showing support around campus, and tried to let affected students know they stood with them in unity.

One unidentified student told KYW, the CBS affiliate in Philadelphia was sad students had to experience this type of racism.

“It’s sad that in this day that we’re still dealing with racism in this type of way, and out of all places I didn’t think my school would be the school to have to go through it.”

In a written statement, Penn President Amy Gutmann says it appears the person who added the students to the GroupMe account, which contained violent pictures of lynchings, appears to be based in Oklahoma.

Boren said the student has been temporarily suspended. He also said it doesn't appear the matter originated at OU.