OKLAHOMA CITY - Multiple witnesses testified against an Oklahoma man accused of brutally stabbing and killing a pregnant woman.

Joseph Cyr is accused of killing Jaime Adams, a pregnant mother who was prostituting herself to help pay the bills.

Wednesday, the jury heard testimony from cell phone experts who showed them the calls Cyr made the night Adams went missing and how he had indeed made contact with the phone she had been using.

The experts were also able to show how they were able to triangulate Cyr's cellphone signal and show how his phone was in the area of where Adams van was found.

Also in the courtroom was the coat Adams was found wearing when her body was finally discovered. It has served as a daily reminder to the jurors of the life that was lost.

Prosecutors contend Cyr called and set up a meeting to have sex with Adams, and then brutally stabbed her and left her body in a field near SW 74 and Douglass Boulevard.

That field is located just a mile east of Lake Stanley Draper and the jury was able to visit it during the first week of the trial.

Cyr has denied ever meeting Adams for sex and has pleaded not guilty to the first-degree murder charge.

DNA evidence found inside Adams body counters his claim since it was a perfect match to the DNA he provided to detectives during their investigation.

Closing arguments expected to start first thing Thursday morning.

The jury of 1 man and 11 women is expected to begin its deliberations as early as Thursday.