CHICKASHA, Oklahoma - A woman battling cancer is getting some unexpected help from the Chickasha Police Department.

There are 32 officers on Chickasha’s police force and the majority of them plan to toss the razors for the next couple of months to help raise money for Ardina McConnell.

“I want to do anything to save my daughter's life,” said Debbie Tow, Ardina McConnell’s mother. “She's constantly in pain but she still never complains.”

McConnell, has stage III melanoma. The married mother of five boys, ages 15 to 2, went through rounds of radiation and chemotherapy treatments, but her battle isn't over yet.

“She has to have this surgery at this point,” said Tow. “She works two jobs, her husband works, they have insurance but insurance just doesn't cover everything that they have to have.”

What they have to have is $12,000 up front for the surgery. That's where the Chickasha Police Department comes in.

“I know there's a tremendous need there,” said Chickasha police Chief Stewart Steele. “This type of project is a win for everybody. I mean our officers love it, the community from what we've seen on social media, loves it, and it's a need we're actually trying to assist in taking care of.”

The department is participating in its annual “No Shave November,” where officers pay $25 a month to grow a beard. All the money will go to McConnell.

“We won't have enough money to fulfill all her needs but if we can make a dent in that, I feel good about that,” said Steele.

McConnell is too emotional to comment on the act of kindness.

“We were talking about what the police department is doing and she just started bawling, she just couldn't hold it together because she is so thankful for everything everyone is trying to do for her,” said Tow.

The fundraiser will run through December and is open to the community. If you would like to take part or just make a donation, contact the Chickasha Police Department at (405) 222-6050.

The department is also challenging other city and county departments to join them as well as businesses.

Flores Mexican Restaurant at 2101 S. 4 Street in Chickasha will donate 10 percent of all sales to McConnell on Saturday, Nov. 5.